This site is designed to help the dying and their families through the end of life process.

End of Life Doulas work with a dying person, family, friends, and caregivers in the last months of life, to support the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of those involved, and to provide information to help understand the nature of the dying process. The process is a natural part of life.

The work of an end of life doula is manifold but mostly to be present and be of service to the dying. One specific service is to conduct a “life review,” which assists a dying person focus on what has been important to them over the course of their life — what they value, lessons learned, enduring legacies. This in turn, dictates how they wish to live out the rest of their life. The doula works with the dying to determine how best they want the last days of life to look, sound, and feel like.

Media vita in morte humus — in the midst of life, we are in death

Balbulus Notker, 10th century

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