Life Reviewed | Life Honored

All services are based on what the dying wishes and instructs family, caregivers and doula to conduct, established after a thorough review.

Consultation: Your Life

Two one to two hour sessions

Face to face consultation

Discussion with family and the dying about the individual’s vision for end of life care and attention

Subsequent session will review personalized proposal and plan


Support: Your Way

Number of visits to be determined by client and their caregivers (family)

Share signs and symptoms through the end of life process

Neutral sounding board

Visualizations for stress and discomfort reduction

A life review, which will help create rituals around the individual’s needs

Vigil plan for the participants, which honor dreams and wishes of client

Initiate and oversee the utilization of vigil plan when actively dying begins

Phone/text support throughout the actively dying process

In person support provided (if need at time of death)

A “Look Back/Look Forward” visioning session with family after the passing of loved one

$500 to $900

Legacy: Your Story

Around 8 visits, 1-2 hours each

Help develop and execute Legacy Project(s) — memoir, short biography, video, audio, memory boxes, life scrolls 

Legacy preserves personal history, an expression of life impacting others 

Artifacts captured in the form of a written story, an audio format, a video, letters, a memory box, an album, or a format you desire

Materials paid for by client

If client requires less or additional time, price may be negotiated

$1,000 to $1,200